Capture My Soul Photography - Marie Montibert

Packages & Albums 2017/2018 I share with you my products

We probably share the same philosophy. Nothing is more important than memories. The memory of a moment, now belonging to the past. That's why I'm doing this job. Indeed all these moments that I share with you, your marriage, your pregnancy, the birth of your child or a family afternoon, will definitely be immortalized inside my little box. Of course you receive a folder filled with digital files on a USB key. But in my opinion a photo must be able to live through the paper. Being printed is the reason for a photo. Do not we lose the meaning of photography by leaving these beautiful shots in the back of the memory of our computer? End up forgetting them? Losing the colors of a photo delicately adjusted by the photographer?
So you will understand, it is important for me to offer impressions, albums, prints to people who have trusted me. For this I test the different providers that I can meet. I choose what everyone has the best to offer. Quality is not an option. It is imperative. The impressions must be irreproachable. We think them together. We create the concert albums. Is not this the best way for you to cherish and take care of these photos throughout your life? To show them, to savor them, to look at them with pride and tenderness to your beloved ones, your friends, your children and your decency?