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The weddings parties favorite

Shakebox is your wedding animation over the top! The best way to have fun with your guests. To keep amazing memories of what they did when you were looking elsewhere. To compilhilarious folders.

Photobooth / photomaton... It's just more of the same. Because that is the animation you absolutely need for your wedding party. Thanks to that your D-Day will stay engraved in the memories of each guest. Trendy not Sleepy.

Thanks to this product elaborate in french companies, the shakebox is built with high quality materials and appliance,I may offer one of the best products of the range in The french part of Switzerland. In add, my welcome is smiling and friendly. I will be by your side from the first mail to delivery. Only 1 piece is availble for renting. His schedule strats to get busy. It meets success!

Want to play the modernity and entertainement? Want to keep funny pics of your wedding? So want to know a bit more on? Two choices: go on the website or open the brochure!

Retailer for Vaud*, Valais, Fribourg, Neuchâtel and the german part of Swotzerland. Contact me at to get a quote {*Vaud: To Nyon. Beyond thanks to contact Picturevent}