Capture My Soul Photography - Marie Montibert

Switzerland & Abroad Photographer My soul

I am... That the reason of my work. Life has given me the chance to express myself through arts, sketching. Since I am younger, I have been obsessed by the chiaroscuro, I have been attracted by the contrasts of colours, I have been hypnotized by the touch of materials. It's a bit later, when I was older, I abandoned painting for architecture and finally photography.

I practiced a lot, subjects after exercices; exchanged much times, chats after debate. Thanks to this introspection, it finally became essentiel to me as an inner therapy putting the beauty of each person in the spotlight, magnifying an inpalpable love, making tangible every emotion. I really want to make you beautiful. It's an obsession, I will deal with the light and nuances of your emotions. Photos conceal a hidden meaning, a divine one - Sfumato, neither blurred nor sharp - just perceptible to those who open their hearts.

It's you and your emotions who will guide me for
better capture those moments
that you offer me
What I like Colors of the sun
Shared laughters
Offbeat lovers
Original details
Family legacies

I especially like simple and caring people,
Acts more than words.

Behind CAPTURE MY SOUL, there is Marie Montibert, me. I am a plural young woman : / . I do a thousand things a day. MOM, wife, a CREATIVE person and entrepreneur, PHOTOGRAPHER, retoucher, accountant. But at anytime I am CAREFUL, GENEROUS and a LOVER OF PEOPLE, I like to think I am your friend, your asset. You will reckon me.

That's why I love taking picture of the ones who SURROUND me. Your EYES when you are discovering photos. CAPTURING YOUR SOUL despite embarrassment and shyness. Show you that you are BEAUTIFUL.