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Love yourself without counting, Love yourself without hesitation, And say you finally yes, to madness and for life Maxalexis


The essence of my work ... Life has given me the chance to be able to express myself through the visual arts. Already quite young, the chiaroscuro appealed to me. The magnificence of the curves obsessed me. The contrast of colors attracted me. The touch of materials hypnotized me. It was only later that I abandoned painting for architecture and then photography.


I deeply wish the photographs you will have to look at all your life matching you. For that you must recognize yourself. You must be yourself, do not pose, do not play games, let your emotions overwhelm you. I am the guide that allows you to showcase your beauty, your strongest emotions.

Story. You & them. Environment. Moment.


A website, beautiful photos, some newspaper articles about my work do not allow you to know if my work and I are worthy of your trust! That's why for me it's important that I show you that influential blogs, national and international partners trust me and appreciate the whole of my work.


The feeling of the people who trusted me is as important as the ones of professionals. These people can be you. They could be yours. That's why I try to share regularly the testimonies of those who passed in front of my camera ...


And if you have questions, the Frequently Asked Questions is here for you. And if you have not found answer to your question, do not hesitate to write to me at or use the form...