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Innocence Waiting Birth Your birth, the first day
of the rest of my life ...
What is stronger than waiting for a child? To discover that a little being is there, in the hollow of his body, peacefully. To feel him growing as the weeks go, to hear his heart beating. What an inexpressible feeling of living a pregnancy. Your body changes, the belly rounds. You feel it grows, take strength. Then the birth is announced. The ills of childbirth are felt. Pain announces happiness.

The long-awaited baby is here. He is marveling you. He is growing so fast. You discover parenting, the sweetness of feeling this little thing dependent on your love. Take every day more space in your heart. In your life. Incredible memories are created over the days ...

These are the memories I want to freeze thanks to my camera. This love you carry to your future child through your pregnancy, the first days of your baby in your family. His crusty mouth of newborns. His first expressions. His mouth, his nose, his little hands and adorable little feet. In your arms. At your house. In your sweetness and your love.


For thousands of reasons, a simple photo uploaded to your computer is not enough for me. So here, each session shines its sweetness for a long time in your living room because I send you a small box set full of things you will enjoy ...


490.- Net From From 1h30 of shooting
& 10 pictures to choose
Photo editing
An online gallery
An aesthetic & personalized box
& its USB key
Some prints