Capture My Soul Photography - Marie Montibert

Family Home

Heritage Sharing Laughs Without a past, there is no future Being a family is simple. We love each other, we adopt a dog a cat and we make children. It's stereotyped? A little I admit. But that's not what I mean ... Living your family and not forgetting yourself is harder. Work and other obligations make our lives a frantic race in which we do not stop. And when it comes to the end of the day, we can not wait to get away on a couch. To let go before sleeping and to start again this life ...

The years pass and then one day you feel stupid. stupid of not having done more things with our kids, love to forget to blow and enjoy them. To not have built memories. Children sometimes mad us. So take the time to share time with your family, through laughter and love. In front of my camera.


Every family like a couple is different. Each family has its own values, its own rules, a way of loving each other. A sweetness, a love, a whole. That's the essence of your family that I'm going to fetch. I will push you to live, to love eachother. To reveal to me your wealth. For that I learn to know you. I am not just a wedding photographer. I am a person who loves emotions, people so with kindness and desire for beauty, I will open the doors of your universe and seek to bring you to light. Your uniqueness must end up on these photos that you will keep forever. I am not only your photographer but a person who will take the time to live with you a moment out of the ordinary.


For thousands of reasons, a simple photo uploaded to your computer is not enough for me. So here, each session shines its sweetness for a long time in your living room because I send you a small box set full of things you will enjoy ...


490.- Net From From 1h30 of shooting
& 10 pictures to choose
Photo editing
An online gallery
An aesthetic & personalized box
& its USB key
Some prints