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Parenthesis Magnificent Intimacy See yourself more beautiful than ever,
Love yourself stronger than ever ...
Being a woman is a full time job. You have to work harder, be everywhere, do not forget anything ... You have to be perfect! A woman must be perfect! We live in the fast lane. We will run to be everywhere, always to the maximum of what we are. To please some, to listen to others. Your daily life is a frantic race to the bottom of the To Do List.
Every day we start again, without ever stopping.
If you're a mom, I'll take my hat off. You are wonderwoman. Untiring, multitasking. Your treasure are your children, you only think of them. To reach perfection sometimes you are forgotten. So at the same time as you read these words, ask yourself, breathe and imagine what I propose to you. Whoever you are, whether you have shapes or not, that you love your body or that you are complexed, I offer you a sweet and intimate parenthesis just for you or for the one you love. A nice wedding gift.


If the one you love and you want to share a moment out of time, play with cushions or under the sheets, laugh together, just love you, you are welcome under the benevolent eye of my camera.

A beautiful boudoir session awaits you for you and your well-being!


For thousands of reasons, a simple photo uploaded to your computer is not enough for me. So here, each session shines its sweetness for a long time in your living room because I send you a small box set full of things you will enjoy ...


610.- Net From 2 hours of shooting
15 pictures to choose
Photos editing
Online gallery
Aesthetic & personalized box
& its USB key
850.- Net From 3 hours of shooting
20 pictures to choose
Photo editing
An online gallery
An aesthetic & personalized box
& its USB key
Some prints

Amazing partners are there to take care of you ...

Beauty (Makeup + Hairstyle) 150.-

Location of shooting Between 100.- et 300.-