Capture My Soul Photography - Marie Montibert

Explore You do not know my beautiful region yet and you like to take pictures? Through a touristic journey, we will discover together the most beautiful places of the city. Depending on the theme of your walk, incredible landscapes with typical or impressive architectures, we travel the city together, camera in hand. You will be able to make your own photos whatever your level. You are beginners I will show you how. Amazing memories of your stay with us.
"Do It Yourself", what better to show your loved ones when you return home? And at the turn of a nice panorama, we will take the opportunity to take some pictures of you and those who accompany you. See you soon for this nice walk!

How is an ADVENTURE going?

We are already talking to understand what interests you in your visit. Rather archi? Or rather local color? Thanks to our exchanges, I can define the route of our visit. But I will not tell you until we meet!

D-Day, go first for a coffee and a small cupcake! You need strength for an adventure like this. Obviously after making acquaintance, I unveil the course of the day and once backpacked we go to the city discovery. You will be free to make the photos you want at the corner of the streets, and we will also make stops on the points I would have selected. Shooting mandatory for everyone. It is at this moment that I will guide you on how to take photos.

Destination reached or somewhere else on the course, small improvised photo shoot for each participant ... Smile, it's up to you! You will find the photos that I would have taken on your personal gallery to download them.

From 110.00 CHF / person
or 90 € / person
2 hours of walk
3 selected photos

Minimum of 3 persons
to confirm the experience
From 130.00 CHF / person
or 110 € / person
3 hours of walk
5 selected photos

Minimum of 3 persons
to confirm the experience

PROPOSED CITY / Lausanne - Vevey - Fribourg

THEMES / Stunning Landscapes - Architecture Before and Today - Street Art & Style

NEEDED EQUIPMENT / Hybrid camera or APS-C or FULL-FRAME reflex - Tripod - Good shoes & Water

INCLUDED in the price: Coffee & Cupcake meeting + Metro or bus ticket back to the starting point